PHOTOS: First pictures from the new concept store in Limasso, offering an amazing taste experience!

Crepa Crepa, which has just made its appearance in the beginning of the month at Limassol down town, is set to prove that it is not just another fast food option, to grab something to ease you munchies on the go. If its delicious crepes – both sweet and savory – are the obvious reason for a visit, its image and content, sure do multiply the reasons.

The Greek franchise, which already keeps stores in Qatar and Tunis, has created a whole concept around crepes, with tasty combinations (such as crepa bites, crepa dogs and crepa cones, which is actually the version of  ice cream served in a crepa cone, with wonderful assortments) exclusively made for its own menu. The options for savory crepes (such as the Mexican filling, with sauce made in its own kitchen, and the chicken and cream cheese filling) are now becoming top choices for those exploring its menu regularly, especially after a night of entertainment in Saripolou square (or even from much more far from there).

The attention on every detail is obvious in the place, which has been created with a special design. Fun, youthful and bright, the space is in absolute harmony with the whole idea, providing a cozy corner for you to enjoy this food, the way you should. Benches, chairs and stools, inside and outside, invite you to give the needed time to the ritual of the crepe.

Extra tip: The store already makes its own version of hazelnut and chocolate praline, with selected ingredients, which deserves a try in a sweet crepe. In fact, this “homemade” praline might soon be for sale on its own in the store.

Find out more information about the store here.

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