PHOTOS: Evenings around the fire pit, at a Limassol's favorite beach bar!

Who said that beach bars in Limassol are only good for the summer? The excellent weather conditions the city enjoys even in the heart of the winter, are the reason for you to take seize the opportunity and enjoy unique moments by the sea at any time.

Columbia Beach Bar knows that and made sure to create the best conditions, so that you can benefit from the mellow, winter nights in Limassol. Getting into the mood of the season for good, the bar made a huge entrance this last summer, now bring a pioneering idea that proves is just as impressive in the winter, as it is in the summer. Thus, the open area of the bar, just a few steps away from the sea, hosts modern fire pits that light up in the night, for groups of friends to turn their nights out into these alternative, wither beach parties.

The setting could not but include mulled wine, as well as marshmallows roasting on the flames and melting in your mouth. So, those in Limassol during this Christmas time and the New Year's, as well as during the entire January of 2018, can experience this amazing option that is so different than anything else in the winter nightlife. Of course, you must make sure that you have a reservation for that, since there are just a few fire pits available every day.

Columbia Beach Bar now has an indoors bar, too, for those that may feel a bit cold and wish to nestle inside the modern interior.

Find out more information about Columbia Beach Bar here.

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