PHOTOS: An amazing pool with impressive new loungers to chill in Limassol!

An amazing pool, surrounded by countless, tall palm trees, was recently embellished with another reason for people to seek for its coolness. Apart from its idyllic environment for sunbathing, relaxing and diving, this new addition, the impressive, round lounger beds, are by themselves a reason for someone to wish to move there, during the warm days of summer.

Large, round loungers, all dressed in white, in a perfect contrast with the blue and green surroundings, look like summer igloos, since they have their own dome for shading their guests. Thus, you can lay just as comfortably as in your own bed (and even more than that), while the dome allows you to cover the part you don’t want exposed to the sun.

With these impressive lounger beds, GrandResort (the hotel with 370+ palm trees planted in it) has enriched the already tempting environment around its pool, where there already are, since a few years now, some just as unique loungers, like the metal private swings, or the wooden ones. Such a setting, with this kind of variety for lounging around, relax, cool down and sunbathe, makes it a total waste of time to stay at home.

Find out more about GrandResort hotel here.

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