PHOTOS: An amazing coast in Limassol, for unparalleled moments by the waves!

Those who like camping are frequent visitors in this area, for a night and a sunrise by the waves. The small coves between the white rocks provide some quiet and exclusive time, as well as undisrupted views to the open sea.

Agios Georgios Alamanos beach is, without a doubt, one of the most popular, alternative destination for anyone who wishes to experience nature in all of its glory. Even if the restaurant in the main beach has quite some traffic, the smaller coves, created between the white rocks of the coast, are ideal for those looking to be isolated in the serenity of the blues.

The coast is basically a continuation of Governor’s Beach, preserving the same features, with the distinctive, white rocks creating an ideal contrast with the blues of the sea. So, really, who wouldn’t want to open their eyes in front of the scene?

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