PHOTOS: Alternative Christmas at one of Limassol's beautiful villages!

With a lot of imagination, and crazy mood, a village in Limassol celebrates the season with a hint of tradition along with fresh ideas. A traditional bus, decorated with Christmas lights, a welcoming square with kiosks and fire pits for roasting delicacies and beautiful, smiling people is the setting of these festive days at Pelendri.

The village on the hills of Limassol, which seems to have — among others — a rather active community of young people, crazy in a good sense, with a lot of imagination, manages to find a unique way to spend these days, with a lot of activities, in a warm and familiar atmosphere. The Christmas Village in Plendri has planned events for the entire season, with screenings and plays for children and adults, surprises and the visit of Santa.

The images from the celebrations back in 2016 prove that those in Pelendri these day, have a great time, since all of them become a large company. This setting is just a hint of what is taking place this year. You can get an idea of the schedule of events here.

Photos: Pelendri Community

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