PHOTOS: A one-of-its-kind project rejuvenates Limassol's traditional Market!

A new era is on the rise for the 1st Municipal Market in Limassol, located in the heart of the historical city center. The characteristic stone-built building is making its first steps towards a substantial rejuvenation, years after its restoration.

The vision for the future of this special place, which will aid in the rejuvenation of the entire area and of the city’s commercial center, includes the creation of facilities that will host several small shops, dining spots and large, open dining areas, where visitors will be able to sit and relax, while children play in the designated play areas.

The design and implementation of the project was undertaken by Prosperity Group, with the aim of making the space suitable for the modern needs of shop owners, as well as visitors. The entire area will be divided in such a way that will allow the operation of 20 shopping spots selling specialized merchandise, all featuring modern air conditioning systems. Another 18 small dining spots will be available offering a variety of meal options to suit all tastes, in a modern and spacious common dining area. A beautiful play area will be available for children to play, when visiting the Municipal Market with their parents.

After 100 years of operation, the Market is about to become a central spot for the city once more, transforming into a covered square that is open to all, yet still preserving its image as a traditional market, only with some added modern amenities. The Market is set to open for business in late 2019. 

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