PHOTOS: A new image for a central spot at the Limassol seaside area!

A seaside venue for coffee and bites, which has been a favorite spot for many Limassolians, as well as people visiting the city, is the reason behind the change spotted at the seaside road.

A noticeable renovation, which has been anticipated for several years now, has created a new scenery for those crossing through the seaside road daily, as well as for those choosing this area for walks, coffee and meeting with friends. “Thalassokoritso”, the café – restaurant with the poetic name and the views to the blues of the Limassol sea, has freshened-up to provide even more reasons for anyone to visit.

Replacing the previous, rather shabby facilities of the dining area, with a whole new establishment, elegant and bright, surrounded by glass surfaces, this place has become even more cozy and appealing to its guests. The guests are not the only ones who benefit from this change, though, since the people walking or driving by, also enjoy a much more beautiful image.

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