PHOTOS: A most tempting ice cream experience at a favorite cafe in Limassol!

The unique view to the palm trees around the pool, with the sea in the horizon, the impressive venue of the lounge, as well as a remarkable variety of fresh desserts and unique Italian ice cream flavors, were already reasons enough for visiting Colors Café. The amazing ice cream creations for ice cream week became an extra reason.

With a special menu of special ice cream combinations and the opportunity for asking for one’s custom made ice cream, Colors Café became an ideal destination for cool and sweet explorations for 10 days. A for the custom made orders, made on the spot with the use of a traditional cold stone, resulted to both great delight and an interesting live show.

The homemade waffle cone, made of a fragrant mixture, is cooked in front of you, to receive the ice cream with flavors and scents picked one by one, according to personal preferences, out of a large range of options (from chocolate, nuts, fruits, marmalades etc.). The ice cream is mixed on a cold stone until is smooth and perfect to get in the fresh cone. Up to that moment, you can let your appetite build, watching the preparation step by step.

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