PHOTOS: A gigantic, 500-kg wedding cake in Limassol!

There is no specific evidence whether the newly-weds were just sweet-teeth or they just thought of something that everyone would definitely remember afterwards. The only thing for sure is that this gigantic cake sure did draw people’s attention, even for those who did not attend the event.

Even if the bride is certainly the one with all the lights turned her during a wedding, in this case the cake was a worthy competitor. With 10 floors in total, reaching up to 2 meters high, this wedding cake was an achievement. Just preparing the decorations and sugar flowers took an entire week, while for the completion of the entire project, 5 chefs had to work for 2 whole weeks. Just for the final setup at the location of the party, they had to work for 2 hours straight.

Taking a considerable area in the place, with a 1,5 diameter, the cake was designed and prepared by the team of La Galerie Patisserie and it certainly draw some attention at the party. What still remains unknown is whether the guests managed to consume all of it or not.

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