PHOTOS: A brand new terrace right above Limassol's sea!

Is there anything better than a breezy terrace in the summer? This is probably the question the construction of this beautiful terrace meant to answer, literally floating on Limassol’s sea.

It is the latest addition among the summer options this city has to offers to both its visitors and residents. Being the extension of a venue that already stands out for its location and menu in Limassol Marina, the terrace of Marina Breeze Lounge Bar has come to be a relaxing outlet for chilling out, along with the sea breeze and view.

With a wooden floor, that makes the place feel like a dock or the deck of a ship, the setting is definitely summery, encouraging you to mentally wander to far-away places. Marina Breeze itself, is the only venue in Limassol Marina, which is located exactly above the sea, generating the impression that you are in fact in a travelling vessel. The construction of this terrace, directly connected with this floating venue, expands this feel, so that you can enjoy days and nights with food and drinks on this alternative “deck”.

Find more information about Marina Breeze Lounge Bar here.

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