PHOTOS: A beach of unreal beauty is waiting for you in Limassol!

The greenest fields with orange trees spread downhill, leading to this beautiful, recluse coast. It is not a destination for the masses, but its gifts sure are massive.

The beach at Paramali has the wild kind of beauty and several changes of scenery, being simultaneously one of the most recluse, as well as the most active beaches in Cyprus. After all, the beach did become known as a favorite for those doing water sports.

 The scenery on the coast is quite diverse: from huge rocks on the east and west end, to low bushes, fine sands and colorful pebbles. Probably the most impressive thing about the beach is the view from the nearby hills, with the greenest orange trees reaching almost down to the waves. The sure thing is that a visitor enjoys the serenity in this area, while getting in touch with the elements of nature.

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