One of the most popular Roller Coasters in the USA comes to the Street Life Festival!

The annual tradition of the street life festival, a colorful feast that brings along all the liveliness of the Limassol streets, turns 10 this year and celebrates with beautiful surprises and new experiences. Since life in the city center and in the areas around Saripolou Square has changed considerably, something new comes along to add a bit more to the event.

This time, during the festival, you will have the opportunity to live unique experiences: to ride some of the most famous Roller Coasters in the world, play paintball or maybe even become a part of the major battles in the history of mankind. If you are ready for such portions of adrenaline, start preparing yourself to exeprience something bold and unique.

With the cooperation of Irida Virtual Reality World, the Street Life Festival brings you a breath away of what space and time make difficult or impossible to experience. With sophisticated virtual reality technology, Irida takes you to a whole other dimension. On May 6th in a specially designed space with goggles and seats, those who wish to, will be able to go on a journey to virtual worlds, to feel on their own skin the dizziness of a ride on a Roller Coaster, to play paintball and many more games.

And if you cannot wait until then, Irida has a place for you and your friends in 29, Athenon street.

Contact number: 700 700 96

Find out more about the Street Life Festival here.