One of the best clubs is the world for 2018 is located in Limassol!

Climbing higher and higher in the list of the best clubs in the world, Guaba Beach Bar proves that more and more people embrace its style of entertainment every year, both in Cyprus and abroad. Reaching up at place 17, among great clubs in the world, this beach bar proves that it has every reason to be a favorite destination for thousands of people every year in Limassol.

The upgrade of Guaba Beach Bar in the list of the international DJ MAG, which is specialized in musical entertainment, has not stopped these past few years, after being in place 29 in 2015, in place 23 in 2016 and in place 19 in 2017. Thus, it is now one of the top entertainment options in large clubs from the USA, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Ibiza and more.

With a rich line up with great Djs from around the world coming to Limassol every summer, as well as new ideas, for festivals and special events (like the legendary IV Parties and the brand new Guaba Festival), introducing new, amazing experiences for people in Limassol, Guaba still manages to stand out. With this course, the only sure thing is that one can only expect great things from it in the future.

Find out the entire story of Guaba Beach Bar from the very beginnig, as narrated in the exclusive interview of its owner here.

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