The largest exhibition of Cyprus products, once again in Limassol

The 3rd exhibition «Made in Cyprus» is about to take place. This is the exhibition in which the Cypriot market is honoured. Through difficult times the World Trade Centre Cyprus acknowledges the positive opportunities of the local market and highlights to locals and tourists Cypriot products and services in the best possible way.

The journey of «Made in Cyprus» began in 2014 and has since travelled to China, Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Africa, and is preparing for future destinations. Of particular interest of the exhibits are the products «made in Cyprus» which range from traditional food - products made from carob, cold cuts, honey, to textiles, souvenirs, beauty products and also modern creations. At the exhibit services such as banking organisations, insurance companies, architecture companies and more will also be present.

With a common vision of the economic recovery of the island we need to support the economy of Cyprus and give good reasons to young people in order to dare, create and evolve through local products and services. The Cypriot market has been facing many challenges and is in need of ambitious people we are willing to work hard and who will provide an innovative energy to the market. The benefits of success, among others, is putting a stop to unemployment and give positive aura to what is happening around the world and of course open new perspectives. Local perspectives. We need to get to know local products.

The exhibition «Made in Cyprus» will take place on a three day event on the 16th, 17th, 18th of September 2016, at Trakasol Cultural Centre at Limassol Marina. The event has become a trademark happening for Limassol and a very important tool for the presentation and promotion of the Cyprus Market. The exhibition is under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and supported by the Limassol Municipality, the Employers and Industrialists Federation, the Cyprus Tourism Organization, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Limassol Tourism Board, Radio Proto and Russian Radio.

Platinum Sponsors: Cyprus Land, Cyprus Inform
Gold Sponsors: PWC, Bank of Cyprus, Trust, PrimeTel
Media Sponsor: Time Out

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