Limassol's 'Ulysses' embarks for a long journey, for 10 days on 1 board in the sea!

Costas Symeonides, Limassol’s “Ulysses”, aims to tame all of the waves in the Mediterranean. Embarking for a journey on his board in 2013, from Paphos to Limassol, he seems to have triggered his appetite for more and longer trips. In 2016, after arriving to Limassol from a journey of around 700 kilometers from Chania, he had already set his mind on something even greater.

This time, hi kicks off to a journey of 850 kilometers, alone on 1 board, fighting the waves and the winds of the Aegean, with just 1 paddle. During 15 – 24 of August, for 10 whole days, with 11 hours of puddling per day and his mental and physical strength as his weapons, his sets a new bet for himself, for the same good cause that pushed him to complete his previous trip, too.

Aiming to support the Center of Preventive Paediatricsand Karaiskakeio Foundation, Costas is ready to surpass his own limits, to overlook the incomparable amount of physical stress from this trip and paddle away, to share some hope with the children that need it the most. After all, as himself had said in an interview, coming straight from his heart, “when the body gives up, you still have your mind”.

Check out everything he had sain about his… heroic journeys, in his exclusive interview with All About Limassol.

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