Limassol tastes Matcha superfood for FREE in 2 special events in the city!

It has become famous as a mood-enhancing, antioxidant powerhouse, for both mind and body, a natural weightloss aid and a detox agent. This green powder with the numerous beneficial features has become the latest trend in superfoods and is driving people all over the world nuts.

Basically, it is the powder of concentrated green tea leaves form Japan, which are collected in special conditions and processed in a special manner. It may be consumed as tea or as a supplement in smoothies, ice creams, cakes etc. It has a rich taste and leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth, a feel that some would describe similar to dark chocolate or wine.

So, the tea that Buddhist monks use to concentrate their calming power in meditation, arrived in Limassol. Those found in the city, will have the opportunity to get acquainted with it and taste this special tea in 2 different events, on Thursday, October 12th, at BioSpiti and on Saturday, October 14th, at M.I. All Organic Market.

Find out more information about the event on Thursday here.

Find out more information about the event on Saturday here.

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