Limassol produces yellow watermelons, which are actually sweeter than the red ones!

They are a close cousin to the classic red variety watermelon, but they have different color and taste. Yellow watermelons are not immature at all, nor gone bad, but they are a special version of the ultimate summer fruit, which seems to be growing in Limassol, too.

The lack of red color is related to the lack of a natural red pigment and antioxidant, known as lycopene. Still, just like other watermelons, the yellow variety is composed of almost 90% water, offering a good supply of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. While it lacks the lycopene content of its red cousins, the Yellow watermelon has trace amounts of beta-carotene. 

Some specialists suggest that the original watermelons that grew in South Africa were most likely a yellow or white flesh variety, but lacked the high sugar levels of watermelons we have now. These watermelons, growing at the prosperous grounds of Trimiklini village, came from seeds that were imported from abroad. They are just as succulent and crisp as the standard red watermelons, even if their flavor is usually much sweeter, with a special aromatic note. They are usually eaten raw, but may be grilled or caramelized in a hot pan.