Limassol hosts the first futuristic superstructure in Cyprus!

Licenses have been granted in order for the Ventus building to be constructed in Limassol, by the Limassol based company Excel iD, in collaboration with Rearc. It is the very first superstructure building in Cyprus, planned to be constructed right next to the Limassol highway, providing space to a prestigious company that chooses Limassol as a base for its activities.

Choosing this locations, the 3000 square meter business center that is set to host more than 200 employees, underlines the area as an emerging business hub in the city. Secondary roads will be used to reach the building, in order to avoid creating a traffic jam, while there will be underground parking areas available.

Its distinctive outer shell is inspired by the nearby traffic flows, mimicking the speed and movement of vehicles on the motorway. The building itself is one of the first with aerial foundations in Cyprus, which will give the illusion of it floating almost in mid-air. The fluid shapes of the shell are allowing visual contact of the city of Limassol. Internally the levels are linked by an impressive atrium starting from the entry point at the lobby reception on the ground floor. The atrium aims to transform the workplace from a cold environment into an emotionally quality space.

The building has a synthetic shell design that ensures the optimum energy parameters, morphologically controlled shading in the orientation of geometry, natural ventilation and sound insulation in offices. Additionally, in the evening the appearance of dynamic flows emerge in the horizon by LED light strips hot purple color, gesture that particularly highlights the surrounding urban space. Presenting this project, booth Excel iD and Rearc hope to leave their mark in the course of a fast developing city.

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