Limassol Del Mar became the… cake at a special birthday party!

Limassol Del Mar has managed to draw everyone's attention both in Cyprus and abroad, with its unique design and impressive measurements. The exact representation of the development on a cake has proved to be just as unique and impressive, too.

One Limassol's largest patisseries, La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie, was asked to replicate Limassol Del Mar on a unique creation. Using all of their artistry and talent, the chefs Chistos Panteli and Michalis Mavromoustakis managed to recreate the design of the development to every detail (from the balconies with their swimming pools and wavy shape, to the plaza with the shops and the road in front of it).

The creation weighted around 35 kilos, reaching up to 60 cm high, with a 50 cm perimeter, while it was made of all chocolate and biscuit cake on the inside. Decorated with white cream and sugar paste, with blue, green and grey details, the cake was a special order last October, on the occasion of a special birthday, being a great surprise on the day for the one celebrating.

Check out the impressive video of the inauguration of the Limassol Del Mar here.

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