Is this Limassol's most decorated house?

Apart from the streets, the large buildings, the shops and the squares in the city, several houses in Limassol are also being decorated. In fact, sometimes you may think that there is some kind of a competition between their residents, in order to present the most unique decoration in the neighborhood.

So, a certain house seems to be a worthy nominee for the title of the most decorated house in Limassol, since it made sure to light every side and every corner with colorful lights in imaginative combinations. In fact, the lights are constantly changing their color, creating a new image each time.

The house, located in the western Limassol, impresses both with its size and architecture, indeed, but its festive lighting sure makes it stand out even more. There is no doubt this is the most decorated house in its area, but it could also be the most decorated house in the entire Limassol city.