In the winter, in the summer (and in between) Dasoudi is the ultimate place to be!

A favorite destination for thousands of people, locals or foreigners, permanent residents or visitors in Limassol. Dasoudi is the only seaside forest in a city in Cyprus, and, at the same time, it is the little paradise of Limassol.

A forest, a beach, a walkway, with courts, swimming pool, playground, restaurants, bars: everything is there! And they are all so close — in a distance of 1,5 kilometer long — just a few minutes  from the city center, that one may find it hard to realize at once how convenient and versatile is this destination, in this special location.

The only thing for sure is that no matter whether you are a kid, an elder with a stick, either looking a place to relax or options for exercise and sports on the land or in the sea, or you just enjoy meals and drinks with a sea view, you have far too many reasons to keep coming back at Dasoudi. After all, this little paradise was not always taken for granted in the area, since there had to be some severe measures in order to be created, so one better take a good advantage of it. 

Check out the amazing story about how Dasoudi was created.

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