In Limassol, you can enjoy relaxing, reflexology massage, by the sea!

For the first time at a Limassol beach, one can benefit from reflexology massage services. Swimming and massage, thus become an ideal combination for relaxing, at one of the most popular beaches in Limassol.

This is an utterly relaxing treatment, suitable for all ages, from 1-year-old children to elders, which re rejuvenate anyone, both mentally and physically. The sessions are provided by an experienced, diploma holder reflexologist, Daphne Christou, in an area especially arranged for this purpose, at Malindi beach, 11 am – 7 pm.

Each reflexology session for adults lasts 20 minutes (€20), while each session for children lasts 15 minutes (€12). At the same time, those who wish to, can receive an additional upper body massage for neck and head (20 minutes for €15), where the everyday tension is usually focused. Treatment packages with combos, such as the 1-hour session for €40, ate also available. The massage services will be available until the end of September at Malindi beach.

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