Impressive images from the upcoming, large project in Limassol!

An upcoming large project has been in progress in Limassol for around 2 years, to be implemented in summer 2018. It is a large investment of millions, which is expected to drastically upgrade the image of the countryside, by creating the infrastructure for agrotourism, along with several new vacancies.

It is a large winery, beyond the common measurements in Cyprus, which is being constructed on a hill, right above Omodos village, one of the most important wine-making villages in Cyprus. The investment includes huge vineyards, surrounding this large project, while many more are spreading in the wider area of Omodos, reaching a total of around 100 hectares.

With a panoramic view to this historical village, the winery is part of a wider masterplan, emphasizing in the creation of modern infrastructure for agrotourism, while preserving the traditional elements of the local culture, architecture, cuisine etc.

Within this framework, accommodation units are also constructed, along with shops and dining venues, in traditional, village houses, in order to enhance a relaxing experience of visiting Omodos, while introducing the local culture. This orientation is also reflected in the design of the winery, which will be open for visits, including a spa and a restaurant (apart from wine-making areas, the distiller, the bottling area etc).

The project has already revived the village, since dozens of people have move there to work in the construction site these past 2 years.

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