Genuine Chinese food in Limassol by the imperial dinner master chef of China!

For 3 days, the Limassol Old Port will be surrounded with the smell of authentic dishes from the Chinese cuisine, prepared by master chef Li Guangyuan. The chef, who has been established for the preparation of the imperial dinners in China, will be cooking along with his team unique delicacies within the events of the first Chinese Festival taking place in Cyprus.

Right in front of the visitors at the festival area, the chef and his team will be showing the secrets and technics of their culinary art, exhibiting the flavors and colors of true Chinese cuisine. The products of their cooking will be given away for a free taste, while there will be kiosks selling all kinds of Chinese food at the Festival, too.

The Chinese Cultural Festival is taking place for the first time in Cyprus, aiming to bring the 2 people closer. Limassol was not a random choice as a location, since the city has been connected with one of China’s most ancient cities, Nanjing, for 25 years now. During the 3-day events, apart from live cooking, the people will be able to enjoy Chinese artists and singing, dancing and performing, for the first time on the island.

Find out more details about the Festival here.