Free parking in the Limassol city center!

The Limassol Municipality is offering a gift to drivers making their way around the city during the holidays, by way of free parking in the city center. People will therefore be able to park on a daily basis without paying, and enjoy a stroll or some shopping in Limassol’s commercial center.

The new measure will be in effect from Monday, December 18th until Saturday, January 6th 2018 for all municipal parking spaces that have parking meters or ticketing machines on the street. This means that the municipal traffic police will not be checking cars during this time for any proof of payment.

The announcement by the Limassol Municipality, however, stresses that drivers will still be fined for parking in illegal spots. Drivers are also requested to avoid taking up a free parking spot for the entire day, so as to allow all a chance for all citizens to benefit from this new measure.