First hints of white beauty at a Limassol village!

Even if the weather at the coastal Limassol won’t seem to make a decision yet (passing from bright sunshine to the obscurity of clouds 2 – 3 times every day) the villages on Limassol’s mountains and hills saw the autumn coming with all its glory and they are now about to change seasons once again. Winter is at the door and the day dawns differently.

The morning of November 20th, the residents at Anoyira village saw the first hints of white beauty in their yards, mixing with the bright colors of the landscape. In the middle of all-red roses and yellow leaves, there also were spots of snow or frost, clearly stating that winter is not that far.

The weather might have gotten more rough and intimidating, even before the autumn is officially gone, but the view sure was amazing. Even if the images change during the day, the residents of the mountains and hills north to Limassol, being closer to the nature, are fortunate enough as to be able to see the change of the seasons around them.