Festival with 7 DJs playing music for 9 consecutive hours!

The Disco Dystopia festival has been created for 1 and only reason and that is to celebrate Disco music in all of its majesty. The event is aiming in reminding the older ones choreographies under the disco ball and in teaching the younger ones the value of the specific kind of music.

Disco Dystopia is divided into 2 separate events which will take place in 2 separate spaces. The festival wishes to offer the participants the chance to wander around the picturesque alleys of the old town of Limassol dressed in carnival costumes, with an ultimate purpose to get into the spirit of Carnival for real.

The party will begin at Sousami, the bar which is located in the heart of old town of Limassol, and it will continue at Rosy Club, which is located very close and it is also in the old town. 7 DJs from Cyprus as well as from abroad will be playing disco melodies for you and your company from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. next morning.

Get ready for a musical trip in time, where you will land in the unforgettable decades of 70s and 80s, then when Disco music was experiencing the ultimate glory. As far as the dress code of the night is concerned, you are free to dress and present yourself the way you feel comfortable, with a carnival costume or not.  

Find here more information about the event.