Elevated square, underground parking and a hotel at Enaerios area in Limassol?

The Limassol Municipality has proceeded with the plans for the development of Enaerios area, with Deloitte undertaking the sustainability study for this project, which will be implemented on a most advantageous piece of land, of around 10.000 square meters. The project aims to bring back to the Municipality considerable proceeds, while it will preserve the social services infrastructure in the city.

It is quite possibly the most important piece of property owned by the Limassol Municipality, which has been merely a parking place for several years, even though it has a long history behind it. The preservation of its historical character, after all, is also among the future plans for the area, along with its commercial and residential development.

According to the announcement, among the options considered for this property, is also the construction of a hotel (after all, the city’s first hotel was built in that exact area). At the same time, an underground parking lot and an elevated square, which will reach to the seaside area, are also among those discussed for Enaerios’ future.

Read about the long and interesting story of Enaerios in Limassol, since it was a hotel, a poor house and a railway.

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