Do you recognize this fairy-tale beach in Limassol?

It is one of the most popular beaches in Limassol. From winter to summer, thousands of people visit , either for food, games on the coast, or for swimming and water sports.

Its beauty is special, since this amazing gulf is surrounded by lands with plantations and hills that offer a unique view to the sea. A great advantage of this locations is the ancient city of Curium, ideal for gazing the shore.

The Curium – St. Hermogenes beach seems to be a place, where you can get anything you wish for: relaxation, adventure, food, history, even romance. The night shot by Charalambos Kouloumis is proof enough that as soon as the light goes down, the scenery turns into a fairy tale. The only thing for sure is that the more you look at it, the more you will wish to visit it with the first chance and stay there for ever…

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