Are you ready to become a young explorer?

Do you claim to be a lover of flower scents and ticklish waters? You are given the chance to reveal the hidden explorer you have inside and become a witness of beautiful natural landscapes.

The team ’Landscapes of Cyprus’ holds an excursion on Saturday 4th of March 2017, with Kourris valley as a destination in the province of Limassol. The schedule of the excursion includes a tour in the villages Lania, Kouka and Limnatis, where the participants will have the opportunity to admire monuments and unique natural landscapes of the area around.

Stops will occur in the spots of the Double Bridge of Trimiklini village, the waterfall of Mesa Potamos, the church of Timios Stavros in Kouka and the orchards with white almond trees at Limnatis village. During the excursion you will need to display the more adventurous side of yourself, as the approach towards the bridge of Trimiklini will happen by feet in a road with uphills and downhills towards the valley of Kourris.   

With a rucksack on your back, you will walk around among the filled with flowers, fragrant orchards with almond trees at Limnatis village and you will be enchanted by the feast of the colors of nature, which will stay forever in your mind. Will you miss this chance to create such colorful memories?

Check here for more information regarding the excursion.