An 'arena' with inflatable games for kids and adults, at the Limassol city center!

Children always have fun, when found in a place with inflatable games. This Saturday, though, on 28/4, adults and kids will be able to enjoy these kinds of games equally, in an especially arranged area, at the city center.

Among the innovations the Street Life Festival came up with, returning in the historical city center for the 11th year, is an area which will host from early in the morning, until late in the afternoon, inflatable games for all. In a safe area of the old town, at the parking lot of Sokratous Street (crossing Saripolou Street), the Festival that paints the city in colors, makes us all kids again.

While all the streets around there will be used exclusively by pedestrians for the day, with artists creating their colourful murals in the area, the entertainment options are many. Contests will be running at the inflatable games area, for those who dare to put their strength to the test. Thus, a spring, Saturday walk at the Limassol city center, is one of the best options for the entire family.

Check out more about Street Life Festival here.

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