An alternative yard came up at the Limassol city center!

Around 1 year ago, a different bakery made an impression in Limassol. Galette Artisan Bakery suggests a cosmopolitan, impressive and mouthwatering approach to bread and savory or sweet pastry.

A few months later, the second shop of the bakery opened its doors at the busy, commercial Aneksartisias street. Right next to its alluring window, a playful, urban yard, breezy and hospitable, has been the spot for a stop for coffee and a quick meal, when shopping or being busy in the city center.

The yard becomes even more enchanting when the sun goes down, since its little wall “garden” lights ups with a string of tiny lights, thus creating an unexpectedly romantic scenery. People’s excitement about this new spot has put the owners into thinking about using it even later in the evening.

Find out more about Galette Artisan Bakery here.

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