All About Limassol: 1 year later, the results are impressive!

Merely a year after the official launch, in July 2016, at the Four Seasons Hotel, All About Limassol has some amazing results to exhibit, with development in all of its sectors. The Official City Guide of Limassol, following the path of guides in great cities around Europe and the entire world, has been singled out be people, a something suggesting an entirely new approach, aspiring to cover a significant absence in the proper promotion of Limassol and the exposure of its true identity.

Within this year of operation, All About Limassol has already offered a lot to the city, which is evolving in the important matter of its presentation and promotion of its image (among others), being, once again, a pioneer. After all, Limassol is the 1st city in Cyprus to introduce an Official City Guide, a project created by the Limassol Chamber of Industry.

All About Limassol has made a great progress in what concerns the content of the guide, the number of visitors that choose it daily, the interaction with users in social media pages, as well as in collaborations with important organizations, companies and institutions. So far, this Project proved to be able to evolve day after day, something that testifies for the great prospect ahead and, consequently, for the great benefits that our city will gain from our operation.

Development keystones

  1. Content: Hundreds of informative articles, tributes and interviews have been uploaded to the Portal, all in Greek – English, accompanied by custom-made pictures and videos, produced for this specific Project by great professionals. New content categories are being created every month, for Events, Sights, Dining, New Arrivals, Countryside, Villages, Nature Trails, Camping Sites, Limassol Memories, City News, Interviews with notable Personas and People of the city and more.
  1. Number of visitors: Since the content is enriched every single day with quality material, the result is to attract a growing interest and generate a connection between the people and All About Limassol, which means an ever-growing number of visitors. In merely 1 year the number of the All About Limassol users has tripled, reaching up to 85,000 Unique Users (official data from Google Analytics). This means that, more than 85 thousands of different people (from Cyprus and abroad) are getting information about the city and the Limassol countryside and the unique experiences that they can offer, through the Officail City Guide of Limassol.

    Through All About Limassol, the people can be informed about the reasons that make this city one of the best places for living and investing and a very attractive destination for tourists to have fun and entertain themselves. In other words, this particular Project, as the Official City Guide of Limassol, is not just a site with information, but also a Project that actually supports the city’s industries, showcasing its advantages, in order to attract the attention of more and more people that consider it a safe option for business or entertainment, with all the positive aftermath from everyone.

  2. ​User interaction (Social Media): The resonance of All About Limassol to the people is even more intense in social media, with great interactivity in web platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. In fact, the official pages of All About Limassol in social media have over 50,000 followers, with hundreds of comments around the content that is posted daily.

    Comments come from people of all ages, locals and foreigners, as well as people living outside Limassol and Cyprus. This interaction in the social media is an indicator of how much people trust All About Limassol, since they openly express their enthusiasm for all the new things and the hidden beauties of the Limassol city and district, they find out about.
  3. Collaborations: Ever since the very first beginning, the Project was singled out for the professionalism with which it operates, as well as its great contribution to Limassol, but it has been mainly acknowledged for its impact and its success among the people. This is translated into collaborations with important companies and organizations, such as Cyta, Limassol Marina, RCB, Petrolina, Metaquotes, Green Energy and more.

At the same time, the Guide enjoys the support of all of the official organizations of the city , such as the CUT, the Cyprus Ports Authority, the Municipalities and the CTO, while keep building on these collaborations. All About Limassol proves day after day that it is worthy of the acknowledgement from all of everyone involved, since every party has a lot to gain from the proper promotion of the city. At the same time, the people’s response, proves the enthusiasm with which (both locals and foreigners) welcome this positive, beautiful and special image of Limassol, which has been showcased in a conducted, organized and reliable way for the very first time.

Because this is the first time our city is able to showcase its advantages in such a unique way. With professional and hard work, Limassol builds the images that will make it even more appealing to foreigners, but – mostly – an image that will make Limassolians even more proud bout their place.

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