A video that will make you pack your bags for Platres in less than 2 minutes!

Splendor and simplicity, enchanting nature and modern amenities, history and timeless merits. It is one of the most popular and quite possibly the most timeless resort in the entire Cyprus, which managed through the years to impress aristocrats and kings throughout the world.

Pano Platres is a village that manages to eliminate contrasts, bringing together all those elements that guarantee an utterly delightful visit. Each one of its obvious and hidden gifts was the subject of a multi-day exploration by the team of the Official City Guide of Limassol, All About Limassol. With excitement, love and dedication for the countryside, All About Limassol came up with a way to showcase Platres in a way that it has never been presented before.

The dense pine forest, with the river running through it and the waterfall creating small coves of magic, which the village has been identified with, the stone built houses and the impressive villas, with architectural references to the European heritage, signify the diversity of the place. On one hand, the cosmopolitan character and the glamour brought to the area by the famous Cypriots and foreigners, who showed their preference to this resort since the beginning of the 20th century. One the other, the ingenuity and simplicity of the local community and the nature. Both, make Platres a great love for every single one.