A grand photo-story on the retro party in Limassol, with over 6,000 people!

Intense vibes, lights, ice-cold beers, tasty cocktails, loud music, favorite songs and the largest group of happy people dancing in the most vibrant place of the city for an entire evening. This was the setting on the evening of August 18th by the Limassol sea, which reassured that the retro party is a date with fun, the way only Limassol knows how to experience.

The modern, wooden bar of 2GO Concept store was set up from early in the day in the middle of the square, fully loaded and ready for an explosive evening, which was about to begin. With refreshing drinks and amazing flavors, the bar not only was the ideal element to complement the party, but it actually became its very own core of this amazing feeling, too.

More than 6,000 people were dancing in the square and on the balconies of the Old Port, following the beat of the 4 Djs, Asimenos, Kikis, Socrates and Kotsonis C. The party, organized with a collaboration of the Limassol Municipality and the Ports Authority, brought up memories of the night life back in the 1980s and 1990s, with disco ball and colorful lights all around. The initiators of the event, member of the Municipal Council Michalis Vassiliou, Vice Mayor Nikos Sykas and other members of the Limassol Municipality, who collaborated with Dj Asimenos were also found in the front row.

Soon, another grand party will be on the way, bringing together the people and the city’s Djs, around the wooden bar. Dates about the upcoming party will be announced soon, according to the organizers.