A beach in Limassol reminds something of the exotic beauties of the Indian Ocean...

It has become one of people's favorite beaches and there may be several good reasons for that. On the eastern side of the Limassol Bay, surrounded by palm trees, it has some moments when it makes you feel as if you were in some exotic scenery at the Indian Ocean.

Endless sands, clear waters, awarded with a Blue Flag, with options for you to spend the entire day over there, from sunrise to sunset, without getting bored. The beach has been established these past few years by the name of Malindi beach bar, and this exact name is also a reminder of the exotic location at west Africa, overlooking at the Indian Ocean.

Yes, the Limassol beach is definitely much smaller and the Mediterranean offers a rather different view than the Indian Ocean. But, there are those moments, such as the sunset, when the endless sea, the shadows of the palm trees and the serenity of the landscape take you to a mental trip to another continent. And, since this is happens while you can still enjoy the cosmopolitan leisure in Limassol, then you are twice as happy.

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