7 events in Limassol, for the most special full moon of the year!

On the occasion of the most special full moon of the year, Limassol becomes creative, in a beautiful summer atmosphere. Through musical events, sports and other activities, people are invited to go out, and enjoy the full moon of August.

Plenty of choices that match the preferences of everyone, along with singers, musicians and trainers, to the sea or to the countryside.

In the evening, choose the event that expresses you the best, and go out to enjoy the view of the bright light that generously gives the moon.

  • Musical events...

1. At one of the most idyllic spots on the coastal front of the city, NOL's musical evening will take place. See more here

2. The talented artist Elena Anagiotou, with the magical voice and the unique performance, sings under the full moon and the starry sky. See more here

3. Limassol Municipality, organizes a musical concert, as well as a tribute to Vassilis Michaelidis' poetry. See more here

4. An event organized by Kanali 6 at Fasoula, for the music, the poetry, the love, the man and the life. See more here

5. A lovely event of Greek songs by Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Tokas and other important composers, at Palodia. See more here

  • Sports activities...

6. A special SUP Yoga lesson, on a unique journey of wellness and relaxation, along with the board, the sea and the moon. See more here

  • Scientific activities...

7. An event to observe the full moon, during amateur astronomer and photographer is encouraged to bring their own equipment and to participate in the event. See more here