5 lit-up spots in Limassol that bring Christmas closer!

Thousands of lights, in various colors, shapes and sizes, on walls or trees, around doors and windows, have created gorgeous Christmas corners in various spots in the city. With a stroll around the city, on foot or in the car, you know they manage to accomplish their goal, since they put you into the right mood.

In 24 photos you can get an idea of 5 amazingly lit-up spots, from one end of Limassol to the other, bringing Christmas closer and closer, with their settings. Unique Christmas trees, huge "curtains" with strings of lights, colorful stars, create images that you cannot get enough of, changing the image of the city in total.

From Grigoris Afxentiou Square and Anexartisias street, which is the center of the festive events in Limassol, to the Limassol Marina, the plaza of the twin towers of Olympic Residence, The Pearl and the majestic Four Seasons, the decorations in Limassol compete each other, with the city being the only and absolute winner.