2.000 square meters office area will host the casino-resort headquarters in Limassol!

A modern and impressive building in the western Limassol will be hosting the headquarters of the joint ventures that builds the first casino in Cyprus. The company will base its activities in 2 floors in total, which provide 1.000 square meters of office area, each.

The building was chosen for the company, due to its small advantageous location, in a small distance from the construction area, while close to the Limassol port and the highway connecting the city with the other areas of the island. Pavilion Center, a project by Zavos Group, on the junction of Pafou and Omonoias streets, was recently delivered at its finished from.

Due to its size and its location, as well as its modern design, this building was considered appropriate for hosting the company at least for the next 3 years. There are parking areas on the ground floor and the basement, while the are also well-known brand stores on the ground floor. The total size of the building amounts at 6.500 square meters.

Find out more about the casino-resort in Limassol here.

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