20+ popular artists perform live in Limassol this September!

A month full of songs, music and entertainment begins, and Limassol welcomes the arrival of great singers with more than 15 concerts. Beloved artists from Greece, arrive in the city and they get ready for unique performances and amazing evenings.

Day by day, your options are many, so you can choose what expresses you the best, go out and enjoy notable artists and upcoming singers. More than 20 outstanding performers promise to give their best and satisfy each taste and musical preference.

So, pick up a pen and mark the concerts you are interested in, from September’s list. 

1. Marios Frangoulis – Curium Ancient Theatre

2. Manolis Mitsias and Kariofilia Karambeti – Curium Ancient Theatre

3. Vasilis Dimas – Breeze Summer Club

4. Stefanos Korkolis and Sofia Manousaki - Fasoula          

5. Christos Thiveos and Miltos Paschalides – Curium Anicent Theatre            

6. Alexia – Pattihio Municipal Theatre

7. Constantinos Nazis – Opa Opa Club

8. Natassa Mpofiliou – Curium Ancient Theatre

9. Giorgos Dalaras and Lavrentis Maxairitsas – Municipal Garden

10. Vasilis Karras – Breeze Summer Club

11. Koza Mostra – Potamos Yermasoyias

12. Manto – Vinylio Wine Bar

13. Mple, Babis Stokas and Prospectus – Potamos Yermasoyias   

14. Despina Vandi and Elena Paparizou – Municipal Garden             

15. Stamatis Kraounakis – Pattihio Municipal Theatre

16. Giorgos Mazonakis - Colosseo