10 favorite artists perform in Limassol until the end of August!

Do not rush to say that summer is over, or that you have been run out of choices on how to spend your nights. Equip yourself with a good mood and get informed about the 10 great names of the music scene, who are visiting Limassol in August.

Singers with a big career in the music scene, as well as new artists who have stood out lately, appear on stage, for all the tastes and for all the musical moods. In festivals, in clubs, in the countryside and in the city, the artists are sure that will entertain you and give you amazing summer evenings, which you will keep as a memory for the winter.

Read below, take note of the dates and the singers that interest you, and prepare for some wonderful August nights.

1. Lefteris Pantazis

The master of entertainment that has been stirring up the crowd for so many years. See more here.

2. Antonis Remos

One of the most beloved Greek singers, comes for a unique evening, with songs and hits that have been a lovely companionship, for a whole generation. See more here.

3. Nikos Makropoulos

The popular singer comes to Lofou, within the Festival of the August 2017, for a special summer concert. See more here.

4. Peggy Zina - 5. Stavento

The beloved singer and the lively artist unite their voices and meet in Pelendri. See more here.

6. Stelios Dionysiou

One of the most authentic male voices, visits Kalo Chorio, for a very entertaining evening, along with good food, drink and traditional sweets. See more here.

7. Stavros Konstantinou

The singer will perform favorite songs and hits, in his own unique way, in the beautiful village of Agros. See more here.

8. Yiannis Kritikos

The talented performer, who lifts the audience up with the unique way of playing traditional music, comes for a special evening at Alassa. See more here.

9. Petros Iacovidis

The young singer, composer and lyricist, who still has a lot to offer to the Greek music scene. See more here.

10. Rita Antonopoulou

One of the most important performers, makes a stop at the heart of her summer tour, for one show. She is accompanied by the outstanding composer and soloist Manolis Androulidakis. See more here.