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What caused the mysterious red sky of Limassol’s sunset that bedazzled us all?

This winter sunset, a sunset on the frozen sky of an extreme winter day, stole every impression. The photos and videos on the internet prove that, at the time when the sun was setting, many had their heads turned towards the horizon, and their cameras turned towards the west.

According to the scientist, Stephen Cofidis, many reasons can contribute to such a sunset. As he explains, the winter days, especially those after a rainfall, are ideal to enjoy such a fascinating view of the sky. The rain clears the air and allows the light of the sun to generate these intense orange and red hues.

Additionally, the clouds have moved to the upper atmosphere right after the rain, which means that light is diffused differently and the sky turns into these bright red, up to dark purple hues. The sunset’s mystery is always related to the time that the sun's rays may need to cross the blue sky. The longer this time is, and the more the obstacles encountered along the way of the light, the greater the variety of colors and shades in the sky.

Some of the most magical moments of the sunset were captured by: giannisarv, giorgo erodotou, panagiotamou, georgehliasmpoumpouki, sciurvilla

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