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Welcome to the North Pole... in Troodos!

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With the snow and cold that came down this winter, we saw snowmen, snowy needles on pine trees, crystals hanging from trees and rooftops, ponds turned into skating rinks and waterfalls flowing over icy rocks. But, okay, we are not exactly North Pole! Or are we?

The fact that the moment would come for us to see an igloo on the snowy Troodos, was totally unexpected. Even though we are used to the picture of the snow, the image of a house for… Eskimos is not received as something given in Troodos. Alexandra Demetriou, however, an enthusiastic photographer who has "plowed" the snowy slopes of the Troodos lately, made the discovery that brings us a little bit closer to polar conditions.

A house made of frozen snow is the winter addition that surprises and impresses one, in the familiar environment of the Cyprus mountains. We cannot know whether those who made it were actually Eskimos or not, if they had experience in construction or if they just had a lot of (unused, obviously) skills, courage and / or humor. The only sure thing is that the result is worthy of admiration and if we ever find them, we owe to congratulate them. Do they undertake projects on demand, too?

Photo: lexidem_shots

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