Wanax Bar: The ethnic-style beach bar that turned a Limassol beach into something straight out of Cuba!

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Wanax Beach Bar opened its doors in 2018 with the aim of becoming a hangout for fun, carefree moments by the sea.

Ethnic in style and with a relaxed atmosphere, this bar inside the garden of the Poseidonia Hotel has become a beloved destination for all hours of the day. Refreshing drinks, accompanied by delicious tapas, as well as light meals, created an ideal menu for summertime in the city.

What has really made the beach bar popular, however, is the regular Latin parties it hosts, with live music that makes Limassol feel as though it has been transported straight to Cuba.

Smiling faces of all ages dance the night away on the grass, with the rhythm and endless fun creating the perfect backdrop for the ultimate summer party.

Contact number: 25 321000