Vinylio PickUp Wine & Deli: A hangout in the center of the city for unique flavor journeys!

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Ankara street, known for its picturesque nature and its historical significance to the city, has been a beloved hangout for food and entertainment in recent years. Vinylio bar has recently left its own mark on the area, as well as its recent addition, PickUp.

PickUp is the bar’s sister project, a modern delicatessen that is here to enrich the options of all who love good wine and eclectic sweet or savory flavors to accompany it.

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If you are tempted by the idea of a flavor journey with wines from around the world, mouth-watering sandwiches with selected charcuterie and cheeses, homemade pies, truffles and many more, this little shop is definitely a destination to keep in mind.

Address: 29 Ankara Street
Contact number: 99300430