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VIDEOS: Triple smoke front in Limassol on Tsiknopepmti 2017!

Frozen air failed to stop the carnival spirit for Limassolians. Troubadours and carnival enthusiasts took over the streets, determined to defeat the cold. The established feast was set up again this year out of the Limassol Cooperative Savings Society, the grills were ready early at the CUT, too, and in all the neighborhoods from early in the morning the air smelled of grilling food and burning coals.

The troubadours and the faithful followers of carnival filled the streets and squares in the city center with melodies and with endless enthusiasm. From the outdoor festivities and dances in Limassol Cooperative Savings Society, to the blurred by smoke square of the CUT and the favorite destinations for drinks and nibbles at Saripolou Square, the party swept everyone along with the beat.

Carnival still made an impressive start in the city, opening the period of celebrations up to February 26th. The triple smoke front became an invitation of day entertainment, which warmed up - literally and figuratively - those who participated for an even more dynamic follow up.

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