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VIDEO: This is what happens when the Old Port turns Guaba, even for just 1 day!

There was a hint of summer that Sunday. The sun appeared brighter from early in the morning, the temperature was high, the pulse, the vitality, and energy were there and, of course, the Guaba Djs were on the decks, too. The all-day party started with the best conditions and finished with a wave of enthusiasm and summer dizziness the weekend of the Marathon.

The Limassol Marathon brought the madness of the third best Beach Bar in the world from the beach side to the Old Port. Those who were there, felt, heard, danced and tasted the summer and came 1 step closer to it, even if the weather has not entirely decided yet. The performance of Minus One, at the time when the sun started to go down, was the match that lighted up for good the vibes in the square.

The Old Port was the perfect setting for a day of explosive entertainments with the signature of Guaba and the only certain thing is that many expect a repeat for this kind party. Until then, the video iwill have to be enough to feed the anticipation…

Video: Alex Ioannou

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