30+ venues with shisha in Limassol, for any taste!

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Shisha is a habit associated to relaxing moments for centuries. Limassol, being the eastern harbour in the Mediterranean, has managed to absorb the shisha culture and bring it to modern standards.

From traditional coffee shops and restaurants with Arabic cuisine, to modern lounge bars and beach bars, numerous and diverse venues allow you the option to relax with aromatic shisha. Thus, you can choose the one that suits better the mood and the company of each moment.

Check out the venues below and you will certainly find a place that fits your taste better.

1. Athina Lounge

Open view to the Limassol sea, comfortable seas and the air of the historic, 5-star Amathus Beach Hotel make up for the vibes of the shisha experience in this place.

Address: 75 Amathounta Avenue, Ayios Tihonas
Contact number: 25 832 000 

More information about Athina Lounge here.

2. Ethnic Lounge

A venue especially made to transfer you into the exotic atmosphere of faraway countries and cultures, will host you for a unique shisha experience in the GrandResort Hotel.

Address: 127 Amathountos, Parekklisia 
Contact number: 25 634 333 

More information about Ethnic Lounge here.

3. Vista Terrace

The quality of a top resort in Cyprus and the amazing views from the Vista Terrace at Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, fit perfectly with the delight of a tasty shisha.

Address: 67 - 69 Amathounta Av., Ayios Tihonas
Contact: 25 858 000

More information about Vista Terrace here.

4. Sailor’s Rest – St. Raphael

Α spectacular waterfront setting at St. Raphael Marina, in an award-winning restaurant with fish menu and more, offers its terrace for relaxing moments with shisha.

Address: 502 Amathuntos Avenue (St Raphael marina)
Τηλέφωνο: 25 834242

5. Malindi Beach Bar

In one of Limassol’s most popular beaches, Malindi Beach Bar offers shisha for you to accompany any moment you spend by the sea.

Address: 194 Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 379 500 

More information about Malindi Beach Bar here.

6. Tokio Restaurant & Bar

In an environment that combines images and vibes from different cultures and traditions, you can combine drinks, food and entertainment with aromatic shisha.

Address: 80 Amathus Avenue
Contact number: 25 321 313 

More information about Tokio Restaurant & Bar here.

7. Do Wine and Dine

For those who enjoy Shisha, a visit at Do Wine & Dine means that they can enjoy it at a breezy location, along with great food and drinks.

Address: 50E Amathoundos Avenue, Limassol Pearl Building
Contact number: 25 020 056 

More information about Do Wine and Dine here.

8. Bedroom

The refurbished Bedroom Bar, in an environment referring to a tropical paradise, complements the experience of evenings with sea views, with options in shisha flavours.

Address: 5 Amathountos Avenue, Yermasogia
Contact number: 7000 5868 

More information about Bedroom Bar here.

9. Rumours Bar

A popular destination for coffee from the afternoon, dining and drinks and even dancing and music parties late at night at the tourist area, completes this setting with delightful shisha.

Address: 89, Georgiou A', Yermasogia
 Contact number: 99 457 541 

More information about Rumours Bar here.

10. Lighthouse Surf & Turf

Address: A106 Vasileos Georgiou street (Potamos Germasogias) 
Contact number: 25 313 808 

More information about Lighthouse Surf & Turf here.

11. Estilo

With a full menu of flavors, combination and varieties for shisha, Estilo Bar is a special option for the enthusiasts of the kind.

Address: 194 Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 025 555 

More information about Estilo Bar here.

12. Columbia Beach Bar

A beach bar, a pool bar, an all-day venue with cozy lounges on the grass, right in front of the sea, as well as a colourful, indoors bar area, this beach bar serves artisan shisha for any mood and taste.

Address: 6 Promahon Eleftherias, Ayios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 321 500 

More information about Columbia Beach Bar here.

13. Diamante Blu

With a panoramic view to the Limassol coastline, as well as dining options, snacks and drinks throughout the day, this restaurant café at the modern Old Port consists a unique option for chilling out or having fun with shisha.

Address: Limassol Old Port
Contact number: 25 377 378

More information about Diamante Blu here.

14. Marina Breeze Lounge Bar

The floating lounge bar at the Limassol Marina, along with tasty dishes and platters, chilled cocktails and aromatic coffee, allows you the opportunity to lay back with your favorite shisha, eight above the sea.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 230

More information about Marina Breeze Lounge Bar here.

15. Yacht Resto Bar

With a view to the boats at Limassol Marina, this elegant venue, with modern decoration in shades of white and blue and a sense of simple elegance, has a large variety of aromatic shisha for the hours of the afternoon, until late.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 205

16. Café Calma

At the most central spot in Limassol Marina, in a beautiful and spacious area, you will have the opportunity to accompany your coffee time or meal, with aromatic shisha, from the hours of the afternoon and on.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051 333

More information about Café Calma here.

17. Dionysus Mansion

In a place that combines perfectly the entertainment with great food, with a green, breezy yard being one of its greatest advantages, shisha becomes an additional delight that fits this setting.

Address: 5, 16th June Street 1943
Contact number: 25 222 210

More information about Dionysus Mansion here.

18. Da Vinci

At the picturesque walk way that connects the Castle Square with the majestic Ayia Napa Church, a beautiful café, balancing between traditional and modern looks, allows you the opportunity to have a shisha, just like the old coffee shops in this area used to.

Address: 28, Genethliou Mitella Street
Contact number: 25 342030

19. Hookah Place

A large international franchise, specialised in shisha, has created a beautiful corner, with cozy sofas and armchairs, for you to enjoy your experience there.

Address: 1, Spartis Street
Contact number: 99 127 928

More information about Hookah Place here.

20. Juego

At the arcade with the colourful umbrellas, which have become a trade mark of this happy café, you will have the opportunity to relax with amazing shisha.

Address: 4, Agiou Andreou Street
Contact number: 25 340811

21. Avli

A coffee shop similar to the ones from the past, is now a favorite option for any age and any hour, at the historical city center. From the afternoon and on, shisha is a great company for coffee, drinks and bites.

Address: 1, Athinon Street
Contact number: 25 733 338

22. Coffee Gallery

At the Castle Square, one of the most popular destination for going out for food and drinks, Coffee Gallery has become popular for its shisha, offered during the afternoon, relaxing hours.

Address: Richard and Berengaria Street (Castle Square)
Contact number: 25 376 165

24. Saripolou Square

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At the square that has become identified with fun and entertainment, you will have several opportunities to enjoy your shisha, from the afternoon until late at night.

Check out the spots that allow you this opportunity here:

Blue Apple (More information about Blue Apple here), Beer & Beer (Find more information here), Shisha Bar (99 345 840), Industry Bar, Salut Bar and Grill (97 692 091), Kompoloi Coffee Shop (99 810 111), 50 – 50 Coffee Shop (96 666 429), Mallon Glykys (25 355 325), Agrambeli (25 344 314), Gonia Coffee Shop (25 115315), Ataksies (99 168 001), Toy Box (99 291126), Yalla Pame Avlea (25 014 050).


The Arab Experience

1. Habibouna

A casual, everyday option for genuine shisha, with a large range of scents and flavors. You may enjoy this from early in the morning with coffee, until late at night with drinks and dining.

Address: 239, Makarios Avenue, Enaerios
Contact number: 99 849 849

2. Sash

A venue that takes you to a scene of Arabian nights, with belly dancing show and eastern beats. Your shisha can be accompanied by a cool drink, enjoying the relaxing vibes of the place.

Address: 18, Amathountos Avenue, Sun Sea Court
Contact number: 99 847 711

3. Shisha Plus

An overall experience of Arab culture, with traditional food, music and shisha. All these come at a seaside venue, with a view to the Limassol blues.

Address: 330, 28th October Avenue
Contact number: 99 606 644

4. Byblos Restaurant

With authentic Lebanese flavors in its menu, the restaurant completes the Middle East atmosphere, with shishas and the spectacular show of belly dancing.

Address: 1 – 3 Chrysi Demetriadi, Neapoli
Contact number: 25 952 560

5. Cleopatra Restaurant

The Cleopatra restaurant located in the city center for several years, offers authentic flavors from Lebanon and the Middle East. The secret of its success lies to its ingredients, as they being treated in the simple way to enhance their natural flavors. From salads to grilled meals and Lebanese specialties, all dishes are prepared at the same time with nothing to pre-cook. It offers take away service.

Address: 2 – 3, John F.Kennedy, Christiana Court
Contact number: 99 533 706

6. Syrian Club

Vegans and the Syrian cuisine lovers find what they ask for in the restaurant, while enjoying the option of a traditional shisha, both in the outdoors and indoors area.

Address: 3, Iliados, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 25 328 838

7. Beirut Grill

A place with fast but quality food, based on the traditional cuisine of the Middle East, offers the option of a relaxing experience with shisha, on its spacious terrace.

Address: Corrner of Vasileos Georgiou A and Ambelakion Streets
Contact number: 96 263 334

More information about Beirut Grill here.

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