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Trimiklini Venetian bridge

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Kouris rivers, crossing the Troodos mountains, has left its mark, with some remarkable, green valleys and amazing bridges on its path. One of these bridges is a most ancient one, found at the Trimiklini village area, close to the Green Valley waterfalls.

It is one of the oldest bridges in Cyprus, which is dated back in the Venetian era. The bridge is constructed in the Kouris river bank, in a location of amazing natural beauty. It is built with stones coming from that same bank and it consists of 3 arches, one next to the other. This spot was the connection between the Paphos district and Kalo Chorio, Lefkara village and Nicosia.

Among the thousands that have crossed the bridge, according to the tradition, is also a historical image that has been closely connected to the island. During the Christian times, the Byzantine Empress St Helen herself., coming from Stavrovouni, crossed over the bridge transporting the Holy Cross and the Holy Rope, to the ancient monastery of the Holy Cross, at Kouka village and Omodos. St Helen was also the one who founded the monastery of St Nicholas of the cats in Akrotiri, according to the tradition.

Extra tip: Hiking in the area is rather difficult, due to the wilderness of the nature in the bank, but the visit to the bridge is rather rewarding, taking you back to a majestic and mysterious era, engraved on its stones it was built with.

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