To Pezema: A little tavern in the mountainous region of Limassol, with chicken shieftalia that is sure to amaze!

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The word ‘pezema’ in Greek is a reference to the movement of travellers dismounting their animals upon reaching a particular station. This tavern, on the main road of Agros, thus identifies with this name, which marks it as a stop for delicious, Cypriot food as well as entertaining music evenings.

The tavern is located right next to a butcher shop, which is its main supplier. By extension, the meat dishes on the menu are among the tavern’s most popular options. A particularly standout dish is the variation on the classic shieftalia, which is made with chicken mince, offering a unique deliciousness for those who prefer a lighter version of this classic meze fare.

The tavern offers a cool terrace for the summer months, featuring views of the green slopes of the village. In the winter, the interior space is warmed by the wood-burning stove, which is lit early on in the day. On special occasions, the tavern hosts evenings with live music.

Contact number: 99 551381